Do you have a clear vision of the life you'd love? If so, are you taking the steps to make it happen?

If not, coaching is designed to do just that — it puts your wisdom into action, so you can move past where you're currently stuck and spend your time and energy on what matters most.

There is no doubt you have the passion and motivation to do it. And, we know you want to look back on your life and be proud of what you've done (rather than just the busy-ness of it all). What if all that was missing were a few simple tools and support to get the momentum going?


During coaching sessions you can expect to:

  • Discover what holds meaning and purpose for you in your life and work.
  • Create goals that reflect what's most important to you.
  • Develop strategies to move through obstacles and take effective action.
  • Go beyond the worries, doubts or fears that may have stopped you in the past.
  • Achieve your created goals with clarity, focus, ease and grace.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and success along the way.


You can bring a topic from any area of your life and work to our coaching sessions, including:

Stress, Self-Doubt, & Overwhelm: Tame your “inner-critic” and enjoy not freaking out so much.
Time Management & Productivity: Treat time as a friend to cherish, not something to conquer.
Career & Purpose: See where you really want to go next and how to get there.
Relationships: Enjoy a life built around those who matter most to you.
Financial Success: Use money to put your true values and intentions into action.
Health & Well Being: Learn to partner with your body as your lifelong companion.
Leadership & Teamwork: Hone your ability to empower others toward purposeful action.

What people are saying
Pamela Barker, MA, PT, Educational Psychologist and Physical Therapist
"Working with Remy has helped me define my life values and intentions with more clarity than I had been able to on my own. He is an amazing facilitator of personal growth and uses coaching tools and techniques that have consistently helped me take meaningful action right away. I now have a framework for decision-making that keeps my actions in alignment with my values and intentions and keeps me headed in the direction of fulfillment, efficiency, and meaning. Remy is unusual in his ability to listen deeply, communicate with empathy and clarity, and keep focused on desired change. If you get a chance to work with him TAKE IT!"
Estelle Laure, Critically Acclaimed Author and Editor
“Remy's low-key superpower is guiding his clients to unwind thoughts and see things from a totally new perspective. For me, Remy has not pushed or led, so much as provided tools and left open space for me to make my own discoveries, while feeling totally empowered. He is there to guide as I figure out for myself the things that are important. He has helped me prioritize and release, and there is basically nothing more valuable than that.”
Alex Anderson, Software Engineer & DJ
"Throughout my time working with Remy I have carried a bounty of practices and intentions into my daily life. If you are driven but need focus, feeling fatigued by life, or want to better align your values to reality, spend time coaching with Remy. I highly recommend his coaching if you are a creative individual, an adventurer, or working through a life transition."
Sarah C., Outdoor Advocate & Enthusiast and All-Round Badass Non-Profit Business Woman
“Working with Remy as a life coach has helped me make the small changes in my life that lead to big goals and the lifestyle that I have been missing for a few years. Remy is a great sounding board, compassionate, listens constructively, and asks great questions (maybe ones you have been thinking about but could not quite grasp until you speak your thoughts aloud). He knows how to agilely navigate emotions that come up to support your work and focus your energy.”

What is coaching?

As a coach I don’t give advice or tell you what to do. Rather, I work with you to put your own wisdom into action.

Some useful distinctions about what coaching is and is not:

  • Therapy is about healing and insight; coaching is about action.
  • Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; coaching empowers you to act on your own wisdom.
  • Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom; coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions.
  • Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.
  • Coaching supports you to get clear on what is truly important to you and to move forward past where you are currently stuck.

Am I the coach for you?

“Chemistry" is important to consider when working with a coach. You'll see if we “click" during our discovery session, and this will also be a chance to confirm that our values align. I am committed to social justice and anti-oppression, and to serving clients of any race, ethnicity, ability, religion and gender.

I'm always happy to share referrals to other excellent coaches in my network if that would better serve you.

Getting Started

My starting package is 6 months with two 50-minute sessions per month, including text and email support in between sessions. This time frame is a do-able commitment yet long enough for you to see meaningful results in your life. You can always renew as we approach the end of 6 months.

I operate the way I’d want any coach to operate with me: Simple, easy, and straight-forward each step of the way.

We'll start by clarifying what you'd love to get out of working together, and we'll answer any questions.

If we see we're a fit, we'll review and sign a digital contract and start as soon as you'd like.

In our sessions, you'll gain clarity, move past challenges, set goals, make action plans and celebrate successes!


I stand for a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out, and my pricing reflects that vision.

The fee for 2 sessions per month (50 minutes per session) is based on serving a diversity of economic situations and gives more value than your money is worth. With that in mind, I ask that you select a tier that is an authentic stretch but not a hardship for you:

  • $300/month if it's a stretch to be investing
  • $400/month if you see you're living comfortably
  • $500/month if you're flourishing financially

I also offer a scholarship rate on an individual basis, so don't hesitate to reach out. My coach training was made possible by crowdfunding donations from 190 people who believed in my vision for this practice. As a coach, I offer you that same spirit of generosity and service that supported me.

About me

I discovered coaching after finishing my master’s degree in geography and leaving graduate school to pursue my athletic goals as a rock climber. But while I was out there “living the dream," I kept doubting my decision to climb full-time. Is this really the path for me? What about the solar energy and environmental justice issues I came to grad school so passionate about? Is professional climbing my life’s work and contribution? How can I design a fulfilling lifestyle while using my privilege and education to build a more just and sustainable world (oh yeah – and make money)? These questions got me to a coaching group that helped “lift the fog" so I could see my next steps and a clear path forward.

As a coach, I support people ready to transition to a career and lifestyle they love. I am accredited with the International Coach Federation at the ACC level and have completed a rigorous training and certification program through the Academy for Coaching Excellence.

Beyond coaching, I am passionate about activism, education, yoga and rock climbing. The common thread through all of my pursuits is to mobilize the power of personal transformation for social change.

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I am an accredited coach trained by the Academy for Coaching Excellence and am a member of the International Coach Federation.

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