The true joy in life is having a goal or vision and bringing it into reality. When we do this consistently, and with ease, life is full of meaningful moments. We can accomplish more than we thought was possible, all while enjoying the journey.

Welcome to The Success Workshop

As an athlete, I was tempted to use a workout metaphor to describe this group. I thought about “success gym” or even “goals bootcamp,” but something was missing. That something was ease – learning to do what’s next on your path, moment by moment. Success isn’t easy, but it can be easeful. Ease is possible when we have:

  • a clear vision
  • meaningful goals
  • simple productivity tools
  • conscious, effective habits
  • skills to manage our mind
  • and a supportive team.

This is what you’ll get in The Success Workshop. 


This is a new group. Here’s what participants said about my latest group program.

Feona Lee Jones
Award-Winning Composer | Pianist | Educator
Remy is an amazing coach and mentor who has helped me transcend a lot of challenges in my life and helped me bring in my goals and desires with ease and amusement. This coaching group was easily worth 100 times the price that it cost.
Lisa Beebe, PhD
Being part of this self-coaching group was an incredibly rewarding experience. We all have busy lives, and it can be difficult to set aside time to really examine our goals. Having a regularly scheduled book group gave me the opportunity to set aside time each week devoted to pause and reflect on what I really want out of life, with the support (and accountability!) of a community.


The Success Workshop is a 3-month coaching program where you set and score meaningful goals in a supportive group. We meet weekly for 90-minutes to build skills, be coached, and celebrate progress. Between meetings you’re paired with an accountability buddy to help you set and stick with authentic next steps.

In this group we use a very specific definition of success (which I learned from my mentor Maria Nemeth):

Success is doing what you said you would do consistently, with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

This is the muscle we’re building in The Success Workshop: having meaningful goals with a clear plan, and consistently using your energy to make progress on what’s important to you – without the usual struggle.

The Success Workshop could be a good fit if you…

  1. Know there are some things you’ve been wanting to do in your life but have been putting off.
  2. Have been busily doing a lot, but without much enjoyment or satisfaction.
  3. Would like to more consistently direct your energy toward meaningful goals.

In The Success Workshop you’ll set 1-3 meaningful goals that you score by the end of our 3 months together. You might want to apply for a new job or fellowship, plan a vacation, run a marathon, start a blog or volunteer with a community group – the goals you set are up to you. If you’re working toward a longer-term goal, I’ll support you to set a milestone goal that helps you stay on track and measure progress. I’ll be coaching you along the way, so you can go beyond where you might have stopped yourself in the past.

If all this talk of “goals” has you cringing, take a deep breath. In this group I’ll invite you to forget all the thoughts and associations you have about goals. In The Success Workshop, goals will be something you love. They’ll be moments you design for the future as a way to focus your energy on meaningful actions in the present. Goals are like that “Yes!" moment when, after a good deal of effort, the soccer ball hits the back of the net – “Swoosh!” A lot of work goes into them, but you know it’s worth it. Scoring a challenging goal you’ve been working towards is a joyful moment that you’ll look back on and be proud of. In this group you will set goals, score them, celebrate, and move on. The fun is just as much in the process as it is in the outcome. 

Being consistently successful involves a few skills that require practice. This group will give you a framework and supportive environment to learn, fail, try again, and succeed.


Here’s a glimpse of our weekly schedule (subject to change):

  1. Clarifying your vision: What would you love your life to look like in 3 months?
  2. Setting meaningful goals: Learn a powerful framework for goal setting and workshop your 3-month goals
  3. Your productivity system & Coaching
  4. Habits for success & Coaching
  5. Time & Coaching
  6. Money & Coaching
  7. Physical Vitality & Coaching
  8. Relationship & Coaching
  9. Creativity & Coaching
  10. Enjoyment & Coaching
  11. Coaching
  12. Coaching & Celebration

In group coaching, you bring your topics, challenges and questions and I coach you in the group.

Each call will begin with a brief training before 2-4 participants rotate through the “coaching seat." When others are being coached, you learn from their lessons and are invited to share how you will apply what you’re learning in your own life. This creates a rich, dynamic learning environment and a strong community of support. Between weekly calls you’ll be paired with an accountability buddy to share and follow through with small action steps. 

The Details

Join via video call from anywhere

Begins March 10, 2020 and runs for 12 weeks

Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm PT (6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)

Calls are recorded and shared privately so you can catch up if you miss one

5-10 participants

Unlimited coach text support & private Facebook group

Sliding scale monthly payment structure (3 payments total):

  • $100/month if it’s a stretch to be investing
  • $150/month if you’re living comfortable
  • $200/month if you’re flourishing financially


If you’ve worked with me before and are sure you want to join the group, please use the “Register" button below. If you are new to working with me and/or want more information about the group, let’s talk and see if it is a good fit. You can use the link below to find a time on my calendar. 

After you register you’ll receive a link with everything you need to know to get started on March 10 (how to join the webinar room, our exact schedule, how to prepare, instructions to join the program’s private Facebook Group, etc.)

You do not need to have any experience with coaching to join this group. The only prerequisite is that you read a book called Mastering Life’s Energies by Maria Nemeth. Maria is one of my coaches and mentors, and this book offers an important foundation and shared language that will enhance your experience in this group. The book will take most readers about 4 hours to complete.

Meet your coach

My name is Remy Franklin. I’m a personal development & career transition coach, college educator, rock climber and yoga teacher living in Santa Cruz, CA (or wherever the weather’s good for climbing). I read self help books for fun, spend over an hour a day cooking, and chase spiritual lessons up massive walls of granite. I’m deeply committed to elevating human consciousness and creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Over the past two years I’ve built a successful coaching practice working with the most inspiring people – teachers, artists, students, healthcare professionals, activists, filmmakers and young leaders. I work with millenials at career transitions as well as graduate students who want to thrive in academia. Whatever path they’re on, people work with me to design and cultivate a career and lifestyle that centers the work they’re passionate about and the contribution they’re here to make.

I received my BA from Dartmouth College and my MA in human geography from the University of Arizona. I began my coach training in 2017 at the Academy for Coaching Excellence and am an Associated Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

I’m running this group for people who want an affordable and hands-on way to develop their skills for personal and professional success. If you’re ready to learn and expand your abilities in a supportive group, I look forward to seeing you on March 10th.

– Remy

Remy Franklin, MA, ACC

Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation


This is a new group. Here’s what participants said about my latest group program.

Feroz Khan
Disaster Researcher, Singapore
Somehow, with just about two hours a week, I learned more from Remy's coaching group study -- and the text at its heart -- than I have from most other sources of personal development knowledge and wisdom I have encountered in my life. Remy has developed systems within the experience that ensure you'll be able to explore your questions, seek guidance, share your own experiences, and develop delightful new connections. Even if the medium of a group call seems challenging, trust me -- it's worth it, it can work, and Remy's found a way to make it work such that it magnifies and compounds all the energy you put into this yourself.
This experience will help to teach you a time-tested process for living a more luminous life. Being part of a group drives accountability while deepening the learning experience. Most importantly, Remy is a masterful facilitator who cultivates a space for his clients to grow.