Remy Franklin, MA, ACC is a personal development coach and college educator who works at the intersection of personal transformation and social change. His workshops use ontological coaching principles to empower graduate students with skills for greater resilience, focus, ease, and success in academia.

Testimonials from Graduate Student Attendees

“Very useful! You start applying the concepts right away. It really sets you up for success.”

“One of the best 2 hour investments in this crazy grad life.”

“Remy’s workshop was helpful and generative! It’s easy to say, I don’t need a goal setting workshop because I’m too busy, but it’s a great use of time considering it enables a participant to reflect on what they’re trying to achieve and how to achieve it. I was also able to connect with other grad students outside of my program, which was really lovely. I would highly recommend this workshop (already have!).”

“I left with practical skills I can use today!”

Workshop Descriptions

All workshops last 120 minutes and can accommodate up to 30 participants.

1. “How to set goals and succeed”

Love it or hate it, goal setting is a key component of a successful academic life. In this workshop you’ll learn evidence-based techniques for setting effective goals that motivate you as you move along your academic path. WARNING: you will be asked to set goals that you actually love.

2. “Moving beyond imposter syndrome”

Feeling like an imposter is more common than you think, and these ideas can impede your professional success and enjoyment. Join your peers to learn where feelings of self doubt come from, how to identify them, and practical ways to experience more confidence in academia.

3. “The science of productivity”

Graduate school is a productivity marathon in which long-term goals and flexible work schedules leave many students feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Learn and implement practical, evidence-based skills for how to stay focused and get more done.

4. “Building success habits in grad school”

Wake up, check Twitter, eat breakfast…. Our days consist of routines and habits that are not always aligned with our goals. Learn and apply simple, evidence-based techniques for building good habits and breaking bad ones. 

5. “Beating burnout in grad school”

Graduate students experience high rates of stress, often leading to burnout. But you may be surprised to learn that “burnout” isn’t usually a result of working too hard or work-life imbalance. Learn the truth about burnout and how to move beyond feeling overwhelmed and cynical.

6. “Self coaching 101”

Graduate school constantly presents new challenges, causing most people to experience normal worries about whether they’re up for it or even on the right path. Learn a simple process for managing your mind and your actions, so you can move beyond self-doubt and get to work on your goals and dreams.

7. “Moving beyond writer’s block (and other stories we tell ourselves)”

For most people, success in graduate school means writing a lot. So what do you do when you’re feeling stuck, blocked, or unmotivated? Gain a new perspective on writers block and learn foolproof methods for writing consistently on any topic.

8. “Dealing with difficult interactions in graduate school”

Have you ever felt annoyed by a ‘difficult’ colleague or professor? Graduate students work with lots of different people, and those interactions can range from supportive and collaborative to tense or even hostile. This workshop teaches empowering communication skills for engaging more successfully with the people you work with in academia. 

9. “Learn to love challenges and failure”

Obstacles are a source of fun in sports and games, but when we hit a roadblock in life we often wonder, “What is wrong with me? Am I on the right path?” Gain a fresh perspective on challenges in your own life and practice skills for cultivating a growth mindset.

10. “Envision and plan your next step”

Planning can feel hard – whether you’re preparing for summer research or graduating and thinking about what’s next. Join your peers for a guided, step-by-step process of mapping out a vision and goals for your next step. You’ll learn a valuable process and come away with a clear vision for what you’d love, including practical steps to get there.


Remy is currently booking events between March and December 2020. Please contact for cost and availability.